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September, 2010

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Delphi XE Released

While I was still in vacation, Delphi XE has been released. So this is now old news... but here are some further ideas and launch events I'm participating. -- Read blog post.

BlackFish SQL Gone in Delphi XE, What About a Replacement?

BlackFish SQL, the .NET database installed with recent versions of Delphi, is not part of Delphi XE... and it seems Embarcadero pulled the plug on it. But what about having a native alternative? -- Read blog post.

Goodies and Bugs in Delphi XE

An article about Goodies in XE and some thoughts about bugs being fixed and bugs being added. -- Read blog post.

5 Years of Blog

This blog is 5 years old today and has 828 posts. -- Read blog post.

Delphi XE Launch Paris

Last Thursday I was in Paris for the Delphi XE launch, part of a number of Delphi presentations in France called "Codeway Tour". -- Read blog post.

Old Code Downloads on DropBox

I'm moved most of my old book source code downloads to DropBox. -- Read blog post.

SDTimes reviews... next year Delphi!

SD Times has a review of RAD Studio XE, but they get quite a few things wrong, including features Delphi will have next year. -- Read blog post.

The Delphi XE Events in Rome and Milan

This week I was busy with the Delphi XE launch events in Italy, in Rome and Milan. Here are a few tidbits and links to reports and pictures. -- Read blog post.

ITDevCon 2010: European Delphi Conference

Next November, the city of Verona (Italy) will see the second edition of ITDevCon, a two days Delphi conference with top speakers from all over the world. With most tracks in English, it is truly the European Delphi Conference. -- Read blog post.