This is my end-of-the-year blog post listing places I've visited in 2023 for at least one night, in chronological order. At times, the reason for the trip is listed:

  • Siena, Italy
  • San Mauro, Torino, Italy
  • London, UK, for an Embarcadero event
  • Verona, Italy
  • Salamanca, Spain for the International Pascal Congress
  • Courmayeur, Italy
  • Trient, Switzerland
  • Different mountain huts in Chamonix, France
  • Courmayeur, Italy
  • Middelfart, Denmark
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • London, UK
  • Lucca, Italy visiting Lucca Comics and Games
  • Dusseldorf (Germany) for the EKON conference
  • Athens, Greece

Some trips were family vacations, some to Lego events, while work travel is still fairly low, but growing back a bit. We'll see what next year will take.

For the time being, let me with you a great 2024.