TopStyle is a great CSS and HTML editor written in Delphi. I've been using version 4 for some time as my primary HTML and JS editor and I like it a lot. In my early days, I was an avid user of HomeSite, originally written (in Delphi) by Nick Bradbury but later sold to Macromedia. Later Nick started building TopStyle, but was "distracted" by the success of FeedDemon. So he sold TopStyle to Stefan van As, who is continuing development at a top notch level. You know, lots ot software written in Delphi is really making inroads!

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I have to admit I have not time to test the new version, but given how much I like the previous one, I'm pretty sure this will be great. Needless to say, when I can use a great application written in Delphi, I'm all for it!

PS: More than happy to host other great applications written in Delphi on my blog. Email me program information (whether you wrote it or are just a user), and I'll blog about it if I find it valuable.