I've built a simple Web Android Application based on the jQuery Mobile client connected to a Delphi DataSnap server I already blogged about.

The application has only a full screen Web browser control, and behaves exactly like the mobile web page. However, you can activate it with the icon (I know, I've been lazy and left iin the default Android application icon!) and shows full screen, that is, without the browser address bar and other browser elements. I've not even published it on the Google Android Market, don't think it is worth for such a simple demo application, but if you have enabled the installation of custom applications on your Android phone, you can get install it simply following the link below: 


As an alternative, download the file and email it to you phone, the phone GMail client let's you install an APK attachment directly. I know it has quirks (user interface updates are not as smooth as in the browser based version), but my goal was simply to demonstrate this is feasible and not too complex.

Now I'lls tart looking for an idea to build a real Android application with this technology (Delphi DataSnap Server, HTML, jQuery Mobile, Android Web Application wrapper)... waiting for FireMonkey to show up on the platform.

Update: Images below