A few weeks ago CodeGear started a video competition, a very nice idea indeed to make "some noise" about the products. I was also delighted to see that David I, while describing the rules, mentions me and my FunSide of Delphi (which, by the way, I'll give again in Frankfurt at EKON at the end of September). This is the quote:

The video can be an advertisement, depict a problem that you solved with a CodeGear product, a marketing video, a music video, a demonstration of a product feature you really like, something fun you do with a CodeGear product (props to Marco Cantu’s “Fun Side of Delphi”), why you use CodeGear and our products, a demonstration of a program you’ve built with a CodeGear product, how CodeGear/products helped you be more productive, and just about any other type of video related to CodeGear products.

Over the last few days the competition has started heating up. There is a list of the first few entries (3 at this time) at this DN article. Now David Clegg is entering the competition from a beta-blogging standpoint (an "unfair advantage", as he puts it), raising the stakes. Let's see how this develops.