A significant issue for Delphi developers (and a hot topic at CodeRage 6) is how to migrate VCL applications to FireMonkey or make VCL and FM forms coexist in a single application.

Converting From VCL to FireMonkey

There are currently two tools that I know of for converting VCL forms (not the actual code behind them, only the DFM elements) to FireMonkey. One of them is Mida , which happens to be done by an Italian developer, the second is MonkeyGroomer . I was discussing this topic last week at a workshop, mentioned taht there is an interesting tool with a odd business model (you have to pay for the tool and there is little upfront information), when a person in the audience raised his hand and told me he was the author. I pushed him to explain his tool better, and over the weekend he did this video:

I'm going to play with this tool and test it in the coming days and I'll blog again about it. It seems that Mida is currently more complete than MonkeyGroomer, at least on the VCL side. In fact, the MonkeyGroomer tool started as a converter from VGScene, now being extended for VCL. Bit difference is that this last tool is free (currently, not sure about fugture plans), while Mida is priced at 99 Euros. Again, I'll look more into these tools and let you know my honest opinion.

Using VCL And FireMonkey Together

Another options, mostly meant as a temporary solution, is to add FireMonkey forms to a VCL application as a migration step. At the end, you'll have a converted application. One demonstration of how to manage this process comes from Steven Ball of Embarcadero UK. His blog post is has basically only a video:

Another option is to simply mix forms in the project, and while the Delphi IDE will try to works against this, Simon Stuart today has released MonkeyMixer . Here is the video demonstrating the process of building mixed applications with and without his IDE plugin:

That's all for now, but I'm sure many tools will appear helping migration of VCL programs.