Albert Almeida has released a new version (0.3) of his Visual Basic 6 to Delphi source code conversion tool. The tool is hosted on my site, at, and many new features and speed optimizations. According to the author, new features include (among others):

  • Translation of function calls with variable number of arguments and named arguments.
  • Len and LenB translated to Length or SizeOf depending on argument; just like VB does.
  • Translation of type conversion function(CInt, CStr, etc) to appropriate Delphi equivalents(StrToInt, StrToFloat, VarToDateTime, etc) depending on argument.
  • Some arithmetic functions(Int, Abs, Fix, etc) are converted to their Delphi equivalents(Abs, Floor, Ceil, Sign, etc)
  • Translation of Get, Put and Seek statements.

If you still have existing VB6 code around and want to try to keep it in Win32 (and don't migrate to VB.NET), you can consider a Delphi translation with the help of this tool. Try it out, and contact Albert if you want extra features (or consulting) or simply provide feedback about the tool.