I know I'm late, but I'm not always connected these days... anyway, I enjoyed hearing the talk hosted by Nick in his "Delphi Hour #1". Some interesting info:

  • What's going on with DevCo? David I tells is it will be a private company, to start. All investors are equity or capital investors, there are no software companies or hardware companies or individuals. We are a couple of months from having our own company.
  • Allen Bauer: There will be a Unicode VCL. It's not a matter of convincing us. We know. We only don't know when it will be in the roadmap. We want to do it right, not just a hacked solution.
  • On the roadmap: 64-bit managed code is in Highlander. Native 64 bit is later.
  • DevCo will keep strong focus on Win32, with language features and more.
  • There are plans to open and extend the OpenToolsAPI...
  • More features and more abstraction on the VCL framework, also for cross-platform (Win32, .NET, PocketPC or "multiple Windows platforms")
  • New languages? We want to serve developers and track emerging languages and technologies... if we can find a way to make things more productive for developers.

Hope this is a good summary of the jey point, at least from my perspective.