Rumors and little news about the coming version of Delphi, more Google+ tweets, new hardware I bought (a Mac Mini and a high-end Dell). But not much, as I've been quite busy.

Also, I'm not trying to get active on my Google+ account (, so I might be tweeting a little less (although I tend to cross post).

But most work I've done in this month... I'll tell you later on!

Delphi+Subversion users should not miss Uwe Schuster new post "Version Insight Plus Beta 1 or SCM gimmicks part #2" at"
"Wouldn't it be great if Delphi would let you use the graphics processor to easily build stunning user interfaces?"
BTW, that was David I, not me...
Will be speaking at Delphi Tage in Koln (Germany) on September 10th,
RT @timanderson: Embarcadero promises Delphi everywhere: Mac, iOS this year, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone to follow ...
Short answer to a common question: (or
Got 1,400 followers on Twitter, as of today (and 132 on Google+)
RT @Ludo74: Check this video out -- AppWave Intro via @youtube
#Dell nonsense: Computer shipped, problem with invoice, I'll have to return it, get reimbursement, place new identical order. Crazy.
550,000 Android Devices activated a day, say Larry page, and 10 million users on Google+. They are moving fast, indeed!
David I insists: "Stay tuned for news about the next revolution in PC, Mac, Web, and mobile application development" at
RT @timanderson: Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 will have cross-platform compilation
MacMini in my office :-)
RT @DelphiInsider: New Embarcadero partner promo with a chance to win CodeSite Studio: Starting today and over the coming weeks, we... h ...
RT @kylix_rd: x64 instructions using a scaled index do not use RIP-relative addr mode. Legal instructions can behave badly if addressing ...
Added Delphi 2009 Handbook source code, which was mostly missing in my books code repository at