Lots of work, little blogging. I've spend some time trying to figure out Google+, and have a public account at http://gplus.to/marcocantu (shortening is not by Google themselves, though). You can see my public posts directly there. I'll blog about Google+ soon... and by the way before you ask I don't have any invitation to share.

But there was much more over the past week... and more pending blog posts. Embarcadero has announced AppWave, very interesting way to manage software and licences in any medium to large company (but even small ones). I bought a new computer I'm still waiting for. Saw some new articles on Windows 8, new info about Android, added Google's +1 to my blog (with little success so far, I have to say), took a weekend off in the mountains.

Of course, you can read everything in the tweets and retweets below.

RT @EmbarcaderoTech: AppWave is here!: AppWave is your private PC app store that provides a mobile-like experience for Windows softwa... ...
RT @Ludo74: AppWave is a private PC app store that provides a mobile-like experience for windows software
Just placed an order for a #Dell Precision M4600. i7 Quad Core, 8GB RAM, primary SSD disk, plus big secondary hard disk. Waiting.
RT @caryjensen: Delphi Tweet: Comment out a compiler directive with a . just after the opening {. Ex: {.$DEFINE Debug}
Mike Rozlog (Embarcadero) on "The History of Programming" for SOA World Magazine at http://t.co/0XzXStw
RT @MichaelLant: Google: 500,000 Android devices activated each day: http://t.co/IEqK0ih
Despite my skepticism, seems #googleplus has a rather clean structure, much easier than Facebook. Success will be tough anyway.
And I've also added +1 to my blog
RT @andreanolanusse: Google Plus is cool, clean interface and has a nice mechanism to find your friends :) #googleplus
RT @JimMcKeeth: I love the Microsoft and Oracle ones on here. RT @Reddit: "Organizational chart of big IT companies" http://t.co/EYHS3H3
RT @EmbarcaderoTech: Help Update 3 for Delphi XE and C++Builder XE now available: Help Update 3 for Delphi XE and C++Builder XE now a... ...
RT @AdvantageDB: Want to use Sybase's Advantage Database Server with Delphi DataSnap. A new whitepaper from Dr. Bob shows you how http: ...
Spending way too much time to get a Windows 7 VM running on my Linux server (problem was uploading, I'm now creating one in place)
Spending the weekend at 2.066 mt. At a small mountain hut in Resy, val d'ayas. In the Alps. Back after almost 20 years...
RT @danny_thorpe: Gmail: "email doesn't need folders" Google Circles: "people need to be put in folders"
RT @charliecalvert: Windows 8 for software developers: the Longhorn dream reborn? http://t.co/NFsp1aI via @arstechnica
My Google Profile is now my Google Plus profile... http://t.co/teFKoXX
Got my shortcut http://t.co/PkShxUi (you can get one with your profile ID, even without a Google+ account, I think)
RT @jasonvokes: AppWave, the game changing private PC App Store from Embarcadero, to find out more click here... http://t.co/3k8cqxS
RT @danny_thorpe: Finally, a webcast app for people who talk with their hands! (@marcocantu :P ) http://t.co/XWQdYkW