A lot of tweets about my new books, bot also Delphi SVN, David I, and more.

David I

RT @davidi99: The New C++: Lay down your guns, knives, and clubs http://t.co/YE9Lx3B
RT @davidi99: David I’s 60th birthday fund raising challenge - send Cal Poly CS/SW Women to Grace Hopper Conference - http://t.co/ltTKtwj

Delphi SVN

Very nice post for Delphi SVN users: "Version Insight XE vs. Community in detail" in Uwe's Delphi blog at http://t.co/c3oV2zT
RT @EmbarcaderoTech: Uwe continues to do great work on the community version of VersionInsight: Uwe Schuster just keeps on adding new... ...

Nick, Windows 8

RT @NickHodges: I bet my 12 year old son will grow up and make a living doing a job that we have never even heard of yet.
RT @awebguy: Interesting write-up on the Windows 8 application development saga on Ars Technica: http://t.co/b3ydvho
RT @NickHodges: DevExpresses new VCL plan -- http://bit.ly/iY9EJe

Delphi XE Handbook

Seems my Delphi XE Handbook is done. Final checks and publishing tomorrow. Availability, in a few days. 124 pages, solid Delphi info.
Delphi XE Handbook Cover (low-res): dxecover_medium.jpg (487×644) http://t.co/ZsrJiEY
Table of Contents of Delphi XE Handbook (in PDF) available at http://t.co/KtNSVZ4
RT @PeterWAWood: Marco Cantù is about to publish the Delphi XE Handbook which I helped edit for him.
New Delphi XE eHandbook (PDF) at 15 USD only for 1 wk, discount code "DELPHIXEROCKS". Info at http://t.co/MhPazv3. Will blog later.
RT @esbglenn: Just ordered the PDF version of Marco's new Delphi XE Handbook - http://t.co/JlACk8f
Delphi XE Handbook: A Guide to New Features in Delphi XE by Marco Cantù http://t.co/FHYuYrw via @amazon
Introducing a Site License for my Delphi XE eHandbook (pay 3.5 times, get copies for 10 developers) at http://t.co/GHUob6e
RT @wintechitalia: Wintech Italia ha rilasciato l'ultimo libro di Marco Cantù, Delphi XE Handbook. Per informazioni http://www.marcocant ...
Delphi Handbook Collection, Second Edition (2007 to XE) cover http://t.co/dOVrj0y. Only in ebook format, 1113 pages.
Link for buying Delphi Handbook Collection (2nd edition, 2007 to XE) is now at http://t.co/MhPazv3