Last week tweets were focused on the Italian Delphi Day event, but there is more.

Windows 8

RT @MossyBlog: windows internal politically objectives was to make Silverlight / .NET fail.. Mission accomplished.. you just undid 3year ...
10 million views for "Windows 8 apps going html5" on The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site:

Delphi Certification

RT @EmbarcaderoTech: Delphi Certification Program – Official Announcement: Today is a very excited day for the Delphi community; we ... ...
New Embarcadero Certification Center at Includes two Delphi Certifications, "Developer" and "Master Developer"
RT @EmbarcaderoTech: Free Delphi Developer Certification Test for Registered XE Users: Embarcadero just announced a new Delphi Certif... ...

Italian Delphi Day

Getting ready for the Delphi Day 2011 Seminars, all day today: Robust apps, sockets, UI, COM, with me, Bruno, Paolo:
RT @awebguy: Great talk by @BrunoFierens today about UI and TMS controls at the #DelphiDay seminars, very informative!
RT @BrunoFierens: DelphiDays Piacenza day 1 finished, gave presentation on UI and TMS UI controls. Tomorrow Jason Vokes, Marco Cantu, David I.
About to get started with the Italian #DelphiDay 2011 (10th edition) in Piacenza, with 80+ Delphi developers
RT @BrunoFierens: Ready 4 Delphi Days Piacenza!
RT @BrunoFierens: Ok, started, @marcocantu and @jasonvokes intro at #DelphiDay 2011
RT @awebguy: #DelphiDay started with @marcocantu and @jasonvokes. Room is crowded, nearly 100 participants!
RT @awebguy: The WebSocket library for my talk at #DelphiDay "HTML5 WebSocket and Indy" almost finished. I plan to open a google code proj

And More

RT @EmbarcaderoTech: Embarcadero Named SD Times 100 Award Winner for Sixth Year: Embarcadero wins in Tools and Frameworks and Database ... ...
More RTL examples to SVN of Delphi XE Handbook ( AlignTest, BinaryFiles, InterceptBaseClass, RegExPrimer, ThreadedQueue