A number of rather assorted tweets, including some nice Delphi links, plus some more updates about my SVN repository.

RT @delphifeeds: Runtime/Designtime what? Delphi Packages http://bit.ly/lnBDFf
Very nice post by Robert Love on "Runtime/Designtime what? Delphi Packages" http://bit.ly/j7melk
Two more Delphi XE Handbook examples posted in SVN, anonymous threads and spin waiting (RTL chapter demos at http://bit.ly/l3OE5r)
RT @timanderson: RT @the_pc_doc: RT @pcpro: Windows 8: could it be more than lipstick on a pig, asks @jonhoneyball ? http://bit.ly/l8dabv
RT @lazycoder: Never forget their sacrifice. http://1.usa.gov/iL5gyk D-Day #fb