With Delphi Developer Days 2011 done, I'm now focused on an Italian event (Delphi Day) in June, plus many assorted news (Mono, VB6, Dante...)

Back home after #ddd2011 in Amsterdam. That's the end of the Delphi Developer Days 2011 tour... see you at #ddd2012.
RT @TMSsoftwareNews: A new blog has been posted: Serving customized UI for mobile devices with IntraWeb: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/blog.asp?post=194
RT @seancarlos: Google Books now presents historic books, like Dante, in color http://bit.ly/m24eUj (news: http://bit.ly/j3MHD7 )
RT @wintechitalia: Abbiamo aperto oggi le iscrizioni al Delphi Day 2001 (8 e 9 giugno), anche se il programma non è ancora... http://fb.me/12jCVpHd2
RT @migueldeicaza: Google Apps for your Domain helps any new company go from idea to staffed IT in seconds. It is pure, distilled gold.
Worked for Italian Delphi Day 2011-June 9th. Preliminary schedule (with seminars on the 8th) and signup are online at http://bit.ly/iuSPwv
RT @RoyOsherove: Microsoft announces to mvps at #msteched that VB6 will be released as open source on codeplex end of june! w00t