A set of totally unrelated posts, from Agile to Fonts design, from TED link to the coming Delphi Developer Days Europe.

I've created a page for the Italian Delphi Day, June 9th, at http://bit.ly/iuSPwv. It's the 10th year we run this event.
Today I'm hosting @andreaprovaglio "Beyond Agile" seminar at my office, very interesting.
RT @MillerMark: From TED: Three things I learned while my plane crashed: http://bit.ly/g4h40F
Just posted "Delphi Tech Tip 01: TCast.GetAs" on my blog at http://bit.ly/kqQHpe
RT @timanderson: RT @monkchips: "Over the last 5 years there has been a developer led revolt against complexity in the middleware." Paul Maritz, VMware CEO
RT @caryjensen: http://is.gd/0HPWwW Delphi Developer Days 2011 FrankFurt and Amsterdam begins May 12th. Register before it's history
One week to Delphi Developer Days 2011 Frankfurt: http://bit.ly/cn3vFO
RT @caryjensen: New blog post: Advantage AdsQuery and RecNo (http://is.gd/Pd8FFg). Includes some comments about #DDD2011
RT @BestofTimes: And now somewhat geeky news. I think PragmataPro may be the holy grail of monospaced programming fonts.
RT @natfriedman: Learned today that jQuery runs 44% of the top 10,000 web sites, and is set to pass Flash this year. Amazing. http://bit.ly/uxHgc
RT @andreaprovaglio: Great day at the Agile Coach Camp Italy! You may consider joining us next year. #accit11
RT @nickhodges: Am getting my mind blown by #dependencyinjection with #delphi #spring. So unbelievably cool. Just did field injection with one attribute.