A really assorted collection of tweets: a few days off, preparing for Delphi Developer Days 2011 Europe, Microsoft quarter, Interbase and Firebird... and the most unusual reference to the Royal Wedding.

Yesterday double holiday, Easter Monday and Italy's Liberation Day (End of WWII), plus it was my name-day (San Marco, also Venice patron)
Just booked my flights for Frankfurt (via Alitalia) and Amstertam (via KLM) for Delphi Developer Days 2011 Europe (http://bit.ly/cn3vFO)
RT @firebirdsql: #firebird #sql: Using Firebird inside Azure (without VM role): Here are the notes on using Firebird Embedded in ... http://bit.ly/eOhAkx
Back to work after 2 days with the kids (home for Easter holidays): biking along the river Po, visiting Montisola at Lake Iseo, gardening
RT @zeichick: The Novell acquisition by Attachmate: SUSE will flourish, Mono will wither away. #novell #mono #suse http://ow.ly/1sIV98
RT @MillerMark: Holy crap! They are playing England's national anthem in Heathrow in honor of the royal wedding! #rw2011
Nice to have 1,200 followers... up from 1,000 on Jan 30th. Nothing huge, but nice. Thanks!
RT @embarcaderotech: InterBase XE Update 2 is now available for download: The InterBase team has announced the general availability o... http://bit.ly/mTYChF
RT @timanderson: New post: Decent Microsoft results, but where is the cloud? where is mobile? http://bit.ly/iFWtpj