Recent tweets, mostly related with Delphi Developer Days 2011 and my current trip in the US, but some fun tweets as well.

DDD 2011

Today has been the first day of the first city of our tour. Went nicely. Anders did a good job with his introduction and evening session, but I was particularly pleased to see Nick, after some time. And he presented a very nice "guest" session on unit testing and DUnit.

At Amsterdam Shiphol, on my way to Washington dC. Tomorrow will get to Baltimore for #ddd2011, info at
RT @delphifeeds: 47 – Marco & Cary – Delphi Developer Days 2011
In Washingon dc, taking some time off and getting ready for #DDD2011 tomorrow in Baltimore
At #ddd2001 in Baltimore with @caryjensen, listening to Anders Ohlsson's keynote. It will be two days full of Delphi sessions and content.
RT @caryjensen: Thank you, Devart ( for being a gold sponsor of Delphi Developer Days 2011
RT @nickhodges: At Delphi Developer Days with @caryjensen and @marcocantu. Good times.
RT @caryjensen: Nick Hodges is giving his guest speaker talk on Unit Testing in Delphi at #DDD2011
RT @caryjensen: #DDD2011 Anders Ohlsson is finishing up the Delphi evening session. End of day 1 in Baltimore. Cloud, Great stuff

Some Fun Tweets

RT @darthvader: When *I* shut down a government I take the entire planet with it.
RT @brian_henderson: Programming Languages Essays: - via: @merlyn -- Wondering if JavaScript is the flower, or the dirt?