I've uploaded on YouTube a very simple video (no audio, for now sorry, taht will come in the next few days), with a compiled  Delphi application showing Unicode support. In the first part I fill a grid with the first 127 ascii chars or the full 256 elements. Than I do the Unicode version, and some of the characters (added by Windows, not part of the standard) are not there. The final portion shows how Delphi interprets a constant character with the Euro symbol depending on the character type.

This is meant only as an experiment to test the capture software and the capture mode (small window following the mouse). Let me know how you like it, and I'll get you more, with my narrating voice as well (or shoudl I pick some music?)! I have a few small Unicode programs (part of my upcoming book) ready to show.

PS. I was allowed by CodeGear to blog about the upcoming Tiburon release of Delphi. As this is beta software, things can change in the final release. Don't take anything I write or show fro granted... and the usual extra disclaimers.