Another beta Tiburon YouTube video, covering Unicode. This time I'm showing the UniApiSpeed example, that times 10,000 invocations of the GetUserName and SetWindowText API calls. The same exact program (which is interesting it itself) is compiled in a beta version of Tiburon (things might change in the final version) and in Delphi 7, the the video shows the result... which is very positive at least for one of the two cases.

This is the fifth (and final) video of this series, which covers the example in the first chapter of my coming Delphi handbook focused on Tiburon. I'll get more videos out, but probably after I take some time off in the coming weeks... as for now I'm fully focused on the book.

PS. There is my dog barking at the very end of the video... but I decided to let that audio in, and this is the second "appearance" of my dog after he barked in my open mike during one of the CodeRage events.