First, there has been a leak regarding future versions of CodeGear products. An email from a partner mentions:

  • Delphi Spacely, a Win32 Development for Windows Vista and AJAX
  • Delphi Astro, a Delphi for PHP

More officially, over the last few days there has been a flurry of posts by Michael Swindell in the thread Why PHP?, clarifying some of the information and adding more. Here are a few quotes (please read the full thread to put them in the proper context, emphasis is mine):

  • We are increasing focus on Delphi, native in particular; Native Delphi and C++Builder development will be done year round and we're increasing our focus and support over past years
  • We will also be coming out with PHP products without detracting from Delphi
  • Delphi and VCL will be the "center of the universe" for CodeGear RAD products
  • You will see a renewed focus from us on RAD and native code because most of our customers want it, it's something we do very well, the competition is focusing on other things, and there aren't really any viable open source alternatives
  • The basic concept of a Linux cross-compiler which is at the heart of Simon Kissel's proposal is interesting; if we were to revive Kylix, it would most likely be developer studio plug-in; I would love to do more Kylix, it just has to be a sound business move that doesn't hurt our Delphi and C++ users/products; What would a second generation CLX look like? Could it be completely open source and community developed with CodeGear support?
  • Dynamic languages such as PHP and Ruby new areas where we will be going. Some products will be more in the RAD camp, aligned with Delphi and VCL, and others will be more in the Open Source/Eclipse/Enterprise world.
  • We will be realigning the editions and the notion of the Studio this year. We will have separate Win32 focused Delphi and C++ releases, then later a studio that includes .NET and Win32. We will also be releasing products on a more frequent basis - smaller releases with focused features and high quality which is going to make studio subscriptions a much more popular and cost effective model for customers. Nick is updating the Roadmap and will be launching it in coordination with some announcements we have coming on.

I particularly like the renewed focus on Win32 (something no-one else is doing, as Micheal mentions) and the frequent release/subscription model. We'll see how things turn out, but this CodeGear company seems really different from Borland...