Following others (Gurock, in particular) I've created a public subversion repository on Although it is hosted, the repository has a custom domain:

The goal is to publish examples of books, white papers, session I do at conferences... and possibly use the private hosting for internal projects. I'm looking forward to host an open source project, an extension of Delphi XE's REST support I'll start discussing in the coming days.

For now, as an experiment for which I'm asking your feedback, I've uploaded the code of the examples of my Delphi 2010 Handbook. If the setup is correct, I'll load the other books soon. I've enable source code browsing and SVN access (svn co, a download section with the ZIP file, and an "Issues" session with bug and suggestions by readers. The idea for books is to make the ZIP file with the original code available for download, and use the SVN repository for updated versions of the demos, tied to newer versions of Delphi. Of course, I'll try to fully document any change.

Although some of you prefer other versions control systems, the use of Subversion is not under discussion here because (i) this is a highly centralized project (ii) this is the VCS integrated in Delphi. In fact, you can open Delphi XE, select File | Open from Version Control , enter the repository root, download everything, pick a specific chapter, or a specific project within a chapter (as in the image below) and you are ready to go!

Now Delphi will download the source code, look for the project files, and let you pick one for working directly on that project. 

Again, I'm awaiting feedback and suggestions before loading source code for my other books and several other projects as well. Feel free to ask. For corrections to the code, though, use the issues section and not my blog!