I've started publishing the source code of my new book, Delphi XE Handbook, which is now complete (at last!) and waiting only final revision. The book will have 4 chapters and total about 100 pages (yes, a short book). It will covere all new Delphi XE features but DataSnap. The four chapters cover:

  1. IDE
  2. Extended toolset (including Subversion support)
  3. Compiler and Core RTL (including RegEx and Threading)
  4. Libraries (including Azure support)

The book will follow in a matter of a couple of weeks in PDF, and a biut alter in the printed versions.

As you can see above, for now there 3 examples from chapter 3, with some aoorted RTL featrues and some threading demos. I might still changes the anynomous threads example, to show a possible different coding style, before the book is final. I'll add more examples (the current total is 17) after making a final check on them. Source code is part of my unified books code repository at http://code.marcocantu.com/p/marcodelphibooks/. You can browse the book specific code online or use SVN to get only the delphixehandbook  subfolder, as in:

               svn co -r HEAD http://code.marcocantu.com/svn/marcocantu/marcodelphibooks/delphixehandbook       

BTW, I'll tweet (rather than blog) as I post new new examples. Follow my twitter account if you want to get notified.