On September 7th and 8th, I'm scheduled to give a seminar for the DAPUG user group in Denmark. This is the Database Programmers Users Group (or Danish CodeGear User Group). The topic of the hands-on class will be "Creating and Consuming Web Services in Delphi", and you can find more details here.

I'll actually be visiting Denmark with my family a couple of weeks before the event, than get back for the class. After that, I've been invited to Paris for an Embarcadero event, on September 9th. Later on I'll be at a Delphi event in Italy (probably both Milan and Rome).

In October and November, I'm also expecting to speak at conferences in the Netherlands and Italy, but details still have to be confirmed by the organizers. I'm certainly not going to EKON (nor Delphi Live in August) and it looks unlikely I'll be at the Delphi Tage, although I would have really enjoyed the event in Berlin.

It looks there will be many Delphi events in the coming months... and maybe you'll be able to get information about the new version of the product, before or after it is released. As usual, I'm available for a chat, a beer, a couple of hours of paid consulting during one of the evenings, anything goes. You can also ask me to bring a copy of one of my books, would you be interested in buying a signed Delphi Handbook (at no additional fee <g>).