I got in my mail an interesting email from CodeGear, with a screen shot of Delphi "Spacely" running on Vista. As you can see, the product title appears to be "CodeGear Delphi 2007 for Win32". From what I know, in fact, this coming version of Delphi is focused purely on Delphi native (Win32) development.

The screen shot (below) shows the new TTaskDialog component, clearly one of the new Vista-specific features of Delphi 2007. IN case you don't know, TaskDialogs are a new features introduced at the native API level by Microsoft in Windows Vista. Notice the properties of the TTaskDialog class in the Object Inspector, as well as the dialog itself showing in the IDE (some sort of preview?).

If you look at the form at design time, there seems to be good support for the Vista enhanced "Aero" UI with properly painted controls. So here is the screen shot:


PS: Hopefully the extra load won't crash my blog server, that's been a little unstable over the last few days (due to a software update I made).

Update (14 Feb 2007)

I noticed after posting that Dr. Bob has a second screen shot. I also just realized this is the "12 birthday" of Delphi, but this is worth another post.