I blogged about a DataSnap mobile client in August and showed it at CodeRage and other conferences. The original blog post is at blog.marcocantu.com/blog/datasnap_android_clients.html and already included the image shown below. Now I've added the source code to my "Embarcadero Sessions Repository on code.marcocantu.com/

The demo shows how to execute a simple "reverse string" operation on the server and how to access a remote dataset (a local CDS file on the server), load it into a client memory table, and use live bindings to a ListView control (with grouping and a header). The actual client code has two lines visible at code.marcocantu.com/trac/marcocantu_delphi_sessions_demos/browser/datasnap/DataSnap101/DSMobileClientForm.pas#L45.

Refer to the project on the code repository for subversion access, or browse the source starting from the link above. 

PS. In other demos I'll post soon, I'll show how to use FireDAC on both client and server and how to use REST rather than the IAppServer / Provider interface as in this demo.

PS 2: How many mobile development tools let's you view live data at design time?