Following on my post on Silverlight (and the many comments on it claiming you need it or Flash, as HTML is too limited), I wanted to move my focus on HTML5, even if in a very limited way. A very nice resource is, where you find a table with the key new features in HTML5 and the browsers supporting them. You'll need browsers with Canvas support to see the following sites properly. The site has also a small demo of each features, including some less common ones like "content editable" or "dragging". The most distinctive elements of HTML5 are video streaming support, the canvas painting surface (see the demos blow) and the embedded client side database.

As example of the canvas element, you can try an online version of MS Paint at or play Sinuous at One of the best HTML5 sites I saw recently (it will downgrade to flash if your browser is not HTML5-enabled) is the impressive " A World of Tweets ", a site with a very nice design counting the tweets coming from the various countries (too bad Italy is 13th with less than 2%). Worth a look, even if you don't care about the topic of this blog post. An image is below:

PS. Was about to send a third post, to compensate too much recent silence... but will refrain until tomorrow. Topic? MySQL and Firebird.