Yesterday I spent another full day in Scotts Valley, at CodeGear headquarters. It was an all-day partners meeting, to discuss business opportunities and get previews of things to come (that I cannot discuss in the blog, of course). I attended presentations by Nick Hodges, Allen Bauer, Barry Kelly, and Steve Shuaghnessy. We also had an Indy-related meeting. At the end, we had a very nice dinner at a Santa Cruz restaurant facing the bay. Good food and good company.

I also had a chance to take part in an online Spanish event, for a short interview by David I that Andreano translated live in Spanish. We might record another interview today. I'll have two more meetings, hopefully get the preview copy of my new Pascal language book, then heed to the airport to fly back home. The trip overall was very interesting, but it's time to get back to family and work.