Yesterday I spend another morning at CodeGear headquarters, meeting with CEO Jim Douglas  (no link to the blog, as it is not exactly active!) with whom  I had a very interesting conversation. I really think he has a vision for where CodeGear should go and which opportunities the company should focus on. We discussed many different things, about the business and the technical side, and he also told me about his many trips to Italy.

After that I sat with David I in the "Studio" for an informal interview, chatted with him on several issues, and got the preview copy of my new Essential Pascal book (a formal announcement as I get back home, but the book is already available on as a type this). That was all, as I had to get back to my car, drive to SFO (San Francisco airport). Right now I'm blogging from Amsterdam, waiting for my flight to Milan. This marks the end of the trip. I'ìll blog again about the information I got, starting with my comments on the (very interesting) updated roadmap. Stay tuned.