Yesterday I spent all the day at CodeGear, in Scotts Valley. I had a series of meetings to talk about Delphi, Delphi for .NET, dbExpress, DataSnap, training, electronic software delivery, sales, marketing, books, documentation, third-party tools... and much much more. As much as you can get in touch with everyone over email, seeing the actual people, getting to lunch (thanks, David I), hearing the first-hand news about Anders, all makes a huge difference. So I think the decision of making the trip was a good one.

I also "used" CodeGear connectivity, which was fine when browsing the web, but was somewhat high when accessing their own servers (newsgroups, FTP, and the like). I took advantage of that for a couple of big downloads (you know, DVD images and things like that).

Today I'll spend the entire day in the company again, for an all day technical partners meeting. It should be a lot of fun, might even take a few pictures to share. In the evening I took a walk along the Santa Cruz bay, did some shopping for the kids, went to be early (I'm not even trying to get fully adjusted to the jet lag, as I'll be flying back to Europe tomorrow night).

PS: I've added the feedburner readers tracker to the blog, it shows 687 readers, although I'm still not 100% sure how they compute that number and why it is much lower than the 822 subscribers I just noticed on my stats on their web site. Maybe numbers are not very stable because the feed is less than a week old...