Monday and Tuesday I was in the Netherlands for the annual conference of the SDN user group, called SDC 2010. Like in past years, this wall a well-organized conference, in whcih speakers are really treated above average by the organizers, including unlimited free biers for all of us. 

At the conference I've given 4 sessions, including a "FunSide" evening session. I had a couple of problems, including finding out that Firefox was totally messed up and won't start a few minutes before a session in which I intended to use the browser to demonstrate jQuery. At the very last minute I found a "jQuerify" plug in for Chrome, but by lack of habit in using it clearly showed up.


Overall I was happy of my sessions and the feedback I received. I also attended several other sessions, mostly in the Delphi track... which is not very usual for me. But I could not miss the DataSnap sessions by Jim Tierney (see below, on the left), and also followed sessions by Cary (above) and Pawel (below, on the right).


One think I like about this conference is that Delphi is only one of the tracks (see image on the left, with Bob Swart at the far right). The largest group of developers is focused on .NET, and although I didn't attend any .NET session but a keynote, i had several chats with other speakers, with a different background and focus, which I find very interesting  (see some of the speakers in the speaker's room below on the right). The overall impression I got this year is that there are more doubts and uncertainties in the Microsoft camp than in the past, when they seemed mostly to agree with the company focus. But this might as well be the topic of a separate post.


That's all for now and with the "official" pictures I've borrowed (or linked, to be more precise) from the conference web site. The next conference and the last for 2010 will be ITDevCon in Verona (Italy) next months. There are still a few days (until November 4th) to buy the ticket at the basic price and you can do it also on my online shop.