As anticipated (also on this blog), CodeGear has announced a new development environment for Ruby and an update of C++Builder. The Ruby announcement adds some information to what was already anticipated. The main goal of this tool is the support for the Rails framework, making it easier to manage projects ("a comprehensive Rails-centric development environment", in the words of Michael Swindell), particularly in large organizations.

The product allows "both new and experienced Rails developers to build Ruby on Rails applications efficiently and quickly". The IDE will be based on Eclipse and will be available "in the second half of 2007".

On the other hand, C++Builder 2007 is an update of C++Builder to bring it up to the features of Delphi 2007 (including Vista support and DBX 4, among others) and also C++ specific features, particularly "increased ANSI C++ conformance and compatibility including Boost and Dinkumware library support". C++Builder 2007 should be available in early June.

All this looks very interesting....