The white paper on "REST in Delphi 2010" I wrote for Embarcadero Technologies has been published, along with its 5 companion videos and the source code of the examples. To download the 50+ pages white paper and companion source code, you have to fill in the form at:

This is the second white paper after the one written by Bob Swart on DataSnap in Delphi 2010. In the introduction of my paper I introduce REST ("The Concepts Behind Representational State Transfer") and cover "REST technologies and Delphi". The first technical part in on "REST Clients Written in Delphi" and includes sections on:

- A REST Client for RSS Feeds
- Of Maps and Locations
- Twitter, As Simple as it Could Be
- Interfacing with Google Spreadsheet Services

This part covers more or less the same Delphi REST Clients I published on, providing many implementation details and including the client for the Google Spreadsheet API. The second technical part covers "REST Servers in Delphi 2010" and specifically:

- Returning Objects and Updating Them
- Data-Oriented REST Servers

The server side development material is focused exclusively on the REST support offered by DataSnap in Delphi 2010 and based on JSON. I show how to build jQuery clients for these Delphi compiled servers.

It was a very interesting experience to write this material, which will also be part of my coming Delphi 2010 Handbook (watch for an announcement about the book in the next few days). The companion videos are also nice, but I'll link those and comment on their development in a couple of blog posts, probably tomorrow. Stay tuned.