A few Delphi experts have started republishing their past articles written for The Delphi Magazine. They include Bob Swart and Hallvard Vassbotn.

Although I did not write much for that specific magazine, I did write many articles for magazines in the early days of Delphi (and not only on Delphi, but C++ as well). These magazines, like Delphi Informant and Windows Tech Journal, have stopped publishing, and their original material (unlike The Delphi Magazine, which has an interesting collection) is not available any more.

I'm wondering what to do with my material. In theory, I could update it and include it in new books, but I know this will take a lot of time. Another alternative is to republish them as they are, in HTML format (hoping to gain some extra advertising hits and money). A similar decision is also due for my old books, including C++ books and the first few editions of Mastering Delphi, which included countless tips and techniques not available in recent books (which are still on sale). Suggestions?