The trial version of RAD Studio 2007 is available (here) the same day the product is shipping. It is a 14-day fully functional trial. I don't remember Borland ever releasing a trial version along with the actual product, as they used to become available only after a couple of months. Kudos to whoever made this decision. CodeGear is really becoming a different (and better) company than Borland has been for the last few years.

Nick Hodges has posted a collection of articles, videos and resources, related with Delphi 2007 and also an article on Developing and Deploying with Blackfish SQL. RAD Studio own home page, different from Delphi home page, can be found at:

It is also remarkable that CodeGear claims over 500 bugs have been fixed in the Delphi 2007 Update 3, which (according to a few blog posts) should become available shortly. Not only that, but the Delphi Win32 personality of RAD Studio 2007 also includes new features compared to Delphi 2007, like the dbExpress driver for Blackfish SQL and a brand new Query Builder.

PS. I'm writing this while hearing Pawel introduce "3rd Rails" in Milan. More about his event later. I'm going to cover RAD Studio 2007 in about an hour.