Recently I found a very nice site focused on promoting Pascal language to schools and providing resources for teachers. It is called "Pascal Programming for Schools" or PP4S, and is hosted at

The site includes some limited tutorials, links to other resources (too bad my Essential Pascal book is missing), and some documents of its own explaining the rationale behind using Pascal (see the example the well written

What it very specific, and I found a great idea, is that the site hosts a large collection of programs written by students, gives programs ideas and challenges to teachers, and is really focused on helping students and teachers alike. For those in the UK, it also lists events and reference to official documentation.

Kudos to Dr Norman Morrison and Dr Douglas Morrison for setting up the site, a great resource for the Delphi community, even if not well know. I really guess that given the confusion surrounding other languages and options and the great qualities of Pascal (and Delphi) as learning tools, it would be a good time for the community at large to push the language back into schools... and for Embarcadero to make a "limited edition" of Delphi available for free for schools.