A blog post with a few pictures I took this week at SDE+ (Papendal, Netherlands) and the other week at BE-Delphi (Antwerp, Belgium).


Pictures of the audience (with Bob Swart) and of Pawel before our joint product address session.


The event was very nice, as I already blogged, with a good number of developers and good quality sessions.


Papendal under the snow, Cary presenting one of his sessions.


Attendees, a couple of speakers in the back of the room.


SDE+ was very nice as usual for SD events. I could attend a couple of "Microsoft" sessions, as this an event with multiple tracks on different development tools and technologies... and some of the Delphi sessions were in Dutch. Had long conversations with Cary, and chats with other speakers, good beer, but a very exhausting day (with sessions from 10 am to 9 pm). Next day, caught an early train for the airport, but after they closed the airport station, and to change train and bump on a taxi to get there in time.

Good I made it to the airport in time and home as planned. That's all for now.