Verity Stob has released on The Register Very a new amusing new piece on "The Sons of Kahn and the Pascal Spring", which has already been twittet and blogged, but it is worth noticing. 

In the first part, there is an interesting assessment of the failure and troubles of competing technologies (" Sharpers of Dotnet were also troubled, especially the cult of Silver Light" and "the Sharpers were laughing compared with the fate of the tribe of Flashinites"), as an explanation of the success of Delphi XE2 and the gang of "discotheque of Embarcadearohdearohdearyme" who "bought in stuff from Europe and Russia".

Interestingly enough, the last part is devoted to the fact the Delphi factions instead of rejoicing are fighting around the use of FreeAndNil... something I tried to avoid blogging about, but might not resist.

Great job, as usual, Verity:  "if this is the Second Coming, then it is not quite as I had imagined it."