As announced by Anders Ohlsson ("TSmiley to be included in next release of Delphi"), Allen Bauer ("Nick-alodean"), and Michael Swindell ("Something about DevCo"), Nick Hodges has joined DevCo, the soon-to-independent IDE branch of Borland. Nick is a not only longtime member of the Delphi community, but one of its recognized leaders, the recipient of a "Spirit of Delphi" award, a TeamB members since Delphi 1 come out, and (I guess I can say so, even if we meet only for Borland Conferences) a friend.

Nick discusses his new job (and his great mood) in a post in his blog. He has also an irresistible post in the non-tech group:

" B orland finally went and hired a new Delphi Product Manager. He seems a pretty cool guy. Oh, wait, it's me!"

Is Nick a good choice for the job? Indeed. He is part and will remain part of the community, knowns a lot about the product, has great connections with all of the key players and team members... so he'll certainly be able to serve Delphi need to get back in the hand of more and more developers and students, find its place in software companies and universities alike... and also serve the community helping DevCo to improve the products to better serve its users (and not some "disconnected" analysts). In this I did mention some key priorities, but we'll keep throwing my ideas at Nick... and, by the way, do you happen to be Kylix product manager as well? ;-)

Congrats! I'm a little too far away from Scotts Valley, but I'm starting to have a sort of envy for the team that's building up there! Keep up the good job...