I'm close to releasing the alpha version of an open project aimed at extending the Delphi XE REST Server infrastructure (part of DataSnap). I've already mentioned this in my blog, and plan to disclose it at the time of my webinar on the development on REST Server Applications in Delphi XE, scheduled for next Thursday and hosted by Embarcadero.

The project aims to simplify REST systems development by offering JavaScript / jQuery code generation to help client-side development, based on attribute-based rules tied to Delphi objects; offer a skeletal ActiveRecord implementation; add a slightly modified session management mechanism and some more goodies; include minimal server-side HTML customization and generation, rather that using PageProducer custom tags. More details will follow soon.

Now, one of the problems I have is to find a suitable name for the project itself. The only names I though of are:

  • Delphi Rest Plus: bare, I know, but simple
  • DWARF (Delphi Web Application Rest Framework): a name I used for a past "scrapped" project
  • jDR (jQuery for Delphi Rest): too many hyped terms at once
  • jDelphi (as above)
  • ...

I guess avoiding any trademark (Delphi, jQuery) would be better, in general, but I don't think it is necessary. 

Do you have any better ideas? Easily I guess... I'm all ears!