After a few busy months I took a week off with my family in the mountains last week (see this picture), which is why the blog has been quiet for some time. I've also been busy working on my new Delphi online shop and preparing for this webinar.

I just finished recording, editing, and uploading the material for a Webinar I'm doing for Embarcadero tomorrow, on "How to Embed InterBase into your Delphi Applications". Or (in more marketing terms): "Embed a low cost, zero-admin database into your Delphi applications". Or in more technical terms "Using InterBase ToGo with Delphi XE2".

In the webinar I'll offer a short introduction, cover "installation" (well, there is no real installation, just some files to copy and some licensing issues) and focus on actual development. I'll show how to build dbExpress applications based on the InterBase driver (available also in the Professional version of Delphi, I think) and how to use the IBX components.

In both cases I'll show how you can rename the InterBase To Go library to match the standard InterBase client library, making things a bit easier, but also how to use the official library name. In case of dbExpress this implies registering a new DBX driver at runtime, given that the library currently ignores the VendorLib property value!

I'll also create FireMonkey applications (with LiveBindings) for both dbExpress and IBX and show how you can use a single and clean source code (with no IFDEFs!) to build a client application based on the embedded version of InterBase. I'll also show how you can create a self-contained Mac OS X application package including your program, the database file and the database engine itself. A truly file-copy installation.

The webinar is tomorrow (June 27th) at three times for three times zones. For Central Europe it is 3pm and 8pm. For UK one hour before. For Eastern US, 9am or 2pm or 8pm. For US Pacific time it  11am or 5pm. For Australia 10 am on June 28th. (Check the times, might have got them wrong...) You can sign up online at

See you online. I'll blog again tomorrow with some webinar material.