I know some readers will consider this post a useless self-gratification ("pat on your own shoulder"), but isn't visibility one of the primary reasons for having a blog? I couldn't really pass this opportunity.

First, David I had a blog post about my book. I had sent him a copy only because I consider him a long-time friend. What is worth noticing, though, is that weekly sales doubled last week (in two days!) thanks to his post. Now if I could have a nice prominent link every week... I'd probably be in marketing and not a developer.

On a totally different side, Alan Zeichick (Editorial director of BZ Media, which publishes SD Times, a magazine on Software Development) has a post on his blog about CodeGear's anniversary, in which he refers to my blog post on the very same topic in positive terms ("I enjoyed his impressions of the progression from Borland to CodeGear").

PS. OK, back to work. I'll resume publishing the handbook notes ASAP. After my long weekend in a Paris with almost no metro, I still have a lot to catch up.