Certainly not Delphi related, but this is going to shape the Web and IT business, so it is worth mentioning. Microsoft made a public offer for Yahoo, for 44.6 billion dollars. You can read it on many sources, I guess. I found it on CNN and on Yahoo!

I though I remember a prediction in this direction by Web 2.0 and Search expert John Bettelle, but in fact he wrote that

Yahoo will finally admit to itself that in the battle between Microsoft and Google, it is an increasingly minority player, and will need to bulk up to compete. By year's end, Yahoo will have combined in a major way with another third party, and it won't be either of the two aforementioned companies.

From my perspective, it will be interested to see how Yahoo JavaScript UI techlogy will be combined with Microsoft work... or whether Microsoft will try to impose its tech leadership. From the business perspective, of course, its what the advertising side of the combined company (if they'll merge, which seems likely) will do...