As Nick noted, Bitwise Magazine has published an interview with Allen Bauer covering a lot of the past, present, and future of Delphi and other (ex-)Borland tools. I could not refrain from pointing it out and underline many relevant tidbits of information:

- "Delphi for .NET is able to leverage many features ... in MSIL (or CIL) that C# doesn't even take advantage of" (in other words, C# in not the only and ultimate .NET programming language). The interview has actual examples...

- DevCo is starting to plan a smooth transition to 64 bits (first on .NET, later native). It is also looking into getting the most power from dual core machines, pushing on threading (and I guess this is mostly for native apps, but could be wrong).

- "I’ve never regretted our foray into Linux", good to hear... there might still be some live in Kylix.

- They are looking to Ruby and many other programming languages and related technologies (including LINQ, functional languages, aspect programming, declarative pre- and post-conditions...), one of the goals being to evolve the Delphi language. Great to know!

- Emerging markets, including the open source ones, are opportunities for a company for developers, and Delphi has a history of collaborating with open source projects (he mentions JEDI and Indy, I'd add FastCode and FastMM).

So let's keep our fingers crossed they can execute as soon as possible and start turning these ideas into actual projects, and do keep an eye on Allen's blog.