In a recent blog post, titled Marco Cantu Ably Defends Delphi, Larry O'Brien replies to my own post commenting his article and conversation with David I (Delphi past its peak? Here comes another language war...). I don't have much to add... although many of the comments to my own blog post would be worth dissecting, like this one:

"What ever you feel about Microsoft as company or their VisualStudio product, as a company it is never wrong to go Microsoft."

Ouch. Microsoft has changed strategy so many times over the last few years and seems unable to draw a clear picure where they want to go (and want us to go), that this is hardly a defendeable position to me. WinForms versus WPF, the same WPF versus WPF/e (which seem to be quite different appraoches) make me feel that if I want to build any sort of client/server application it is hard to figure out what to do with Microsoft tools. And if I had just made a big investment on the transition, say, from Vb6 to VB.NET, I wont' be happy at all.

Anyway, back to the main topic, I tried to comment on Larry's blog and was unable to (got an error). So I asked a common friend for his email, but was unable to get a reply. So I could not contact Larry, maybe he'll read this blog post. [Later: he got in touch over email.]