Over the next two weeks I'll visit and given a keynote at the two European stops of the Delphi Developer Days tour, with Cary Jensen and Bob Swart. As you might remember, I used to co-organize and speak at these events with Cary, but given my new job at Embarcadero I couldn't do that any more. However, I was asked to attend and give the Embarcadero keynote... and stick around for Q&A sessions and in general to discuss the status and future of Delphi with attendees.

I'll be next Thursday and Friday (30th and 31st) in Frankfurt, and the first few days of June (3rd and 4th) in Amsterdam. I'm sure I'll also learn a lot from the sessions Cary and Bob are doing, and it will be a pleasure to spend time with them and Loy. I think their Amsterdam event is fully booked, while there is still room for the German one (language is English anyway). For all information and details you can refer to their web site, www.delphideveloperdays.com.

If you are in those cities during those dates but cannot attend the seminars, I might still have time for an extra meeting, so feel free to reach me over email. By the way, good to see these events fully booked once more, seems a good sign for Delphi (and a prove Cary and myself did a good job in the past).