Last week ITDevCon conference was very nice, as usual. I gave 4 sessions (including an Advantage DataBase vendor session) and tool part in a panel about recent Delphi libraries that take advantage of recent Delphi language features. I also attended several other sessions, often hard to choose given the quality of speaker. David I gave the introductory keynote and showed Anders Ohlsson iOS clock written in FireMonkey. Bruno Fierens gave a great two part session on writing FireMonkey controls. There was Pawel, Daniele, Primoz., many great Italian speakers.... and even a Country Band for the evening.

Thanks to Fabrizio and the bitTime crew for putting up this great event. Too bad the crowd wasn't huge (but well over 50 people plus organizers), although it was very good for attendees as interaction with speakers was very high and the learning opportunity even greater. I really enjoyed it. And I like the idea of a "Southern Europe" event, rather than a mostly Italian one, for the future.

There are tons of pictures on Facebook and TwitPic, here a couple of links to some very nice picture by Primoz (the series is at


More blogs posts at, and more pictures at, including me signing a book won by one of the attendees:

PS. After ITDevCon and a long weekend here in Italy (kids are still home from school today) I've piled up a few blog posts. More are coming today and tomorrow.