I had the need to write a proper installation routine for the new version of a free XML editor (called XmlTypist) I should release in a few days. To prepare a proper installation (and removal) script I used InstallAware, because I've seen good reviews of it and (even more) because I got a free copy of it from its author Sinan Karaca.

I have to say that, after a little trial and error, the process became very smooth and although I've used only a fraction of the features (no registry settings, no file associations yet, single EXE deployment and no multi-parts web download, to name only a few) it looks like a very nice piece of software, effective and with a smooth and clean UI. Highly recommended, at least from my limited experience with InstallShield and other installer programs I used in the past.

Now all I have to do is to finish the web site hosting the documentation and I can make the tool available. More on this in another post.