In the past, Borland policy was to release significant updates and let developers publish unofficial fixes on their personal web sites. While the developers updates still exist (see for example the recent fix for a type library problem posted by Chris Bensen), the current policy seems to provide official fixes. There were four over the last couple of weeks, addressing problems I don't face so I didn't really bother posting about them.

What I wanted to discuss, and this is a good chance, is that I really appreciate having a more formal set of patches and updates, and a single download source, which is

Two more fixes have been seen in the wild (they are temporarily on an FTP site). In particular, hot Fix 5 seems to address the often-reported issue of a slow update of the palette when switching from code view to design view, when you have many components installed. You can read about this non-tech thread. Although I haven't installed this fix myself, I've seen high praise from people who did.

Thanks Borland... and keep them coming!

Update (June 14): The new updates are now public.