The name "RAD Studio 2007" appears on the screen shot of today's blog entry by Holger Flick, an authorized Highlander beta blogger, showing Highlander splash screen. Considering that "RAD Studio" is the installation folder of both Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007, this would make perfect sense.But there has been no formal announcement so far, so this might be only the name of the beta version, to be changed in the actual product.

To see more about Highlander, anyway, check the unofficial preview by Nick Hodges, during a recent Delphi Hour (August 16th). As far as I know, no release date has been announced but a generic "the second half of 2007" is in the roadmap. I guess this will be the first of many beta blogger previews, so stay tuned to Delphi Feeds (see my blog roll for the link) or other sources. I've blogged about that entry, as I found this very relevant, but as I hate meta-blogging (that is, blogging about other blogs), I won't keep this going.