Many people of the Delphi community, but not only, are mentioned in my recent Delphi 2007 Handbook. I'll skip the very long list in the acknowledgments page, that starts with Nick Hodges and end with my family, to focus on people mentioned in the book or in its notes. Here is the alphabetic list, followed by the corresponding page number (s):

  • Bill Todd, 243
  • Bob Swart, 9, 162, 207
  • Bruce Eckel, 5 (of "Thinking in Java" fame)
  • Bruneau Babet, 228
  • Chris Bensen, 26, 106, 135
  • Chris Hesik, 107
  • Daniel Veillard, 233 (author of libXML)
  • Daniel Wischnewski, 45
  • Dennis Kjaer Christensen, 110
  • Dieter Koehler, 233
  • Fabrizio Schiavi, 6 (the designer of my book cover)
  • Fernando Madruga, 38
  • Fredrik Haglund, 186
  • Hallvard Vassbotn, 106p.
  • Jeremy North, 22
  • John Moshakis, 70
  • Juanco Añez, 155
  • Julian Bucknall, 5
  • Mark Edigton, 21
  • Mark Russinovich, 136, 184 (of SysInternals fame, now at Microsoft)
  • Nick Hodges, 5
  • Pawel Glowacki, 48
  • Pierre le Riche, 134
  • Ray Lischner, 135
  • Steve Shaughnessy, 7
  • Tim Anderson, 163

In the book (generally in the footnotes, as you'll see as soon as I star publishing them) there is often a web reference to an article, component, or tool written by them, although there are exceptions. In any case, if you want to read the profile of a few Delphi people you can head to the Delphi People page of the Delphi Wiki. Very nice page (OK, I'm in it, but that's not the point). Extending it with more people will make us feel more of a community... although having an "identity page" on Developer Network will be awesome. Stay tuned for the 113 notes... they are coming.

P.S. Book sales over the first day have been way higher than I was expecting. Thanks a lot to all of you who already bought a copy. Less than 24 hours and the book is ready to climb Lulu sales rank... if they'd only be maintained!